Succession Planting for Constant Fresh Veggies

Succession planting is a way to get the most out of your garden by continuously harvesting, and sowing as many times as you can during a growing season.  The idea behind this is always having your garden producing so that you can maximize your harvest.  If you have the space, you can grow some crops... Continue Reading →


Which Soil to Use on Your Garden

Going to a gardening store can be quit confusing when you see so many different types of soil.  Here we will go over some basic information so that you know which soil will best fit your needs. TopSoil Topsoil is top layer of soil scraped from the ground. It will have weed seeds mixed in.... Continue Reading →

Seed Saving Methods

Saving seeds will help you to save money in seed purchases every year.  You will also be able to grow what you already enjoyed from last season.  It is also a great skill toward your goal of self-sustainability.  There are even seed swapping groups and seed swap events. There are primarily two ways of saving... Continue Reading →

What is a Root Cellar?

If you are in the process of finding your homestead and you stumble across a home with a Root Cellar, don't dismiss it, this is something that can be of great use.  A root cellar is a structure that is usually underground or at least partially and used to store vegetables, fruits, nuts and other... Continue Reading →

Potato Abundance with Containers

If you are limited in space, planting potatoes in containers might be the way to go.  With the method shown in the video below, you use organic potting soil, cow manure, and peat moss in three equal parts.  You will only fill up the container one third of the way.  When you see that the... Continue Reading →

Urban Homesteading – Livestock

If you are in an urban setting, you can still have some livestock to help you gain some experience on homesteading and sustainable living.  Most people recommend rabbit and quail as the perfect urban homestead livestock. Here are just a few points to consider: Both are good meat sources but quail has less meat than... Continue Reading →

What About Raising Quail?

Quails are beautiful birds that are kept in the homestead for meat and eggs.  While it is smaller than a chicken there are still several reasons why one would want to try raising quail on the homestead. Eggs - While their eggs are smaller, they are great egg layers.  They start laying eggs at about... Continue Reading →

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