What about the Tornadoes?

Yes, Arkansas does gets tornadoes but it is not in the top 10 states for tornadoes accoring to USTornadoes.com. These are Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Florida, Nebraska, Illinois, Colorado, Iowa, Alabama, Missouri and Mississippi.  A great website for more detailed and accurate information is Tornado History Project.com.  Here you can select the state and the year, month, or day and you will see how many tornadoes were reported.  Below is a screen shot I took of Arkansas tornado activity in 2016 (24 reported Tornadoes).


During the same year according to this website Texas has 100 and Oklahoma has 58 reported tornadoes.  Many of the rural homes in Arkansas already have storm shelters.  When you go to a more populated area you will see less homes with shelters.  Home insurance is less in Arkansas than it is in Florida for instance and they do cover wind damage.

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