Raised Bed Gardening or In-ground?

SoilSmallPlantsThe soil in the Ozarks can vary depending on your specific area.  You can have pasture land, rock, or clay soil.  Many people do try to grow in-ground and some have good results however, while researching I’ve noticed quite a few lean more towards raised beds.

Here are some of the  benefits of Raised Bed Gardening:

  • less Soil compaction
  • good drainage
  • less weeds
  • protection from snails and other similar pests
  • you can extend your growing season
  • no need to improve soil
  • garden looks neater
  • easier to garden as you grow older

Disadvantages of raised beds

  • costs to buy soil
  • costs to build the raised beds
  • soil temperature may damage plants
  • more water needed
  • need to use a digging fork when manipulating the soil

If you plan on moving in the future, raised beds might not be practical.  Money and time may also be a factor in considering raised beds.  It is up to the individual to choose which is best for them.


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