Basic Elements of a Chicken Coop

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If you are interested in having hormone free eggs…then having chickens at home is the way to go.  There are many chick coop designs out there but they are kind of expensive depending on how big you need it to be and the material.  So I have researched some of the basic elements in chicken coop design.

  • Coop size per hen
    • 2 to 4 sq ft per hen
  • Run size per hen
    • 8 to 15 sq ft per hen
  • Nesting Boxes
    • 1 per 3-4 hens
  • Door that goes to the run
    • 1′ x 1′
  • Easy Cleaning
    • Many coops have human size doors for you to walk into and clean but this also depends on how many hens you want.
  • Roost/Perch
    • This is a piece of wood where the hens can climb up at night.
      • Should be around 1.5 – 3 feet high
      • 8-10 inches of space on the perch

So this is what to look for when looking for chicken coops or designing your own. (I will do the calculations based on the sizes that will give each hen more space.)

6 Hens

  • 6 hens x 4 sq ft = 24 sq ft in side the coop
  • 6 hens x 15 sq ft = 90 sq ft for the run
  • If you want 3 hens per nesting box = 2 nesting boxes

12 Hens

  • 12 hens x 4 sq ft = 48 sq ft inside the coop
  • 12 hens x 15 sq ft = 180 sq ft for the run
  • If you want 3 hens per nesting box = 4 nesting boxes

Click here for some DIY chicken coop plans.


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