Water Bath Canning Tools

Water bath canning is probably the most popular ways of canning.  Here are some of the basic tools that you will need to start water bath canning.

  • Large water bath canner
  • Thermometer for testing the water temperature
  • Jar lifter
  • Jars
  • New lids
  • Bands for each jar
  • Canning funnel
  • Marker and labels
  • Clean dish towels for wiping the jar rims
  • Thin spatula to remove air bubbles
  • Canning rack

A water bath canner can be a porcelain-covered steal stockpot or aluminum.  Some water bath canners already come with some additional tools that you will need.  Some manufacturers of the water canners sell the canner along with some of the tools you will need.  You can also choose to purchase the tools separately.  Below is an image of a Granite Ware Enamel-on-Steel Canning kit with 9 pieces or 12 pieces.  Click here or on the image to view the full product description on Amazon.

WaterBath Canner

Click here to see a full list of water bath canners in Amazon.

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