The Rise of the Homesteaders

HomsteadingHomesteading is basically a frame of mind where you want to be self-sufficient.  There is a growing movement all over the world where people are choosing to grow their own food instead of relying on the supermarket.  Many have a home garden with vegetables and fruits.  Some may choose to grow medicinal plants as well.  For those who have more land they may choose to raise live stock.

Life is getting more expensive.  We also see an increase in genetically modified foods (GMOs) and the use of pesticides.  Buying organic is even more expensive at the grocery stores.  You also have those who feel that their may be a food shortage some day.  Learning how to grow food is so important and modern homesteaders are embracing this practice.

Going hand in hand many times is food preservation.   Many times when you are growing your own food you may have more than what you are able to eat at that time.  This is where food storage comes along.  After working the land, you would not want your hard work to go to waste.  You want to use as much of what you produced for as long as possible.  Food preservation saves money and it helps in times of the year when you can not grow food or if you are not be able to go to the supermarket.

What is driving your desire of homesteading?

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