What to Start With When Planning a Homestead…

GrowWhatYouEatIt is so exciting to envision yourself in a homestead where you are self sufficient and providing the best food for you and your family.  However, it’s very easy to get carried away and take on too much all at once.

Here is a list of a few things for you to think about when planning a homestead:

  • Grow what you eat!!
    • This is important because you don’t want food to go to waste and the time it took to grow it.
  • Take the time to try new things.  You might be missing out on something that will be nutritious and filling.
  • Consider the fact that you may need to process your own meat…..really…..think about it……research….find videos…..put yourself there….
  • What meat sources will you have?  Again…what do you eat?
  • Now start a list….What will I have on my homestead?
    • Veggies, Fruits/Nuts, Protein
  • What things will I probably not be able to produce myself? (Maybe rice?)
  • Then start a plan….
    • Trees take the longest to produce fruit and nuts
    • What veggies are you going to start with?…research…
    • Is it time for livestock?…Maybe chickens?

What is the first thing you started with or the first thing you want to start with?…Leave a comment below…

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