Compost Items Do’s and Don’ts

SmallPlantIf you are starting to compost here is a list of things you can and things that you shouldn’t compost.

Things to compost

  • egg shells
  • hay
  • uncooked fruit and vegetable peelings
  • vegetable waste and stems
  • tea leaves and coffee grounds
  • grass cuttings moderately
  • wood chips
  • chicken manure
  • rabbit manure

Things NOT to Compost

  • dog and cat manure
  • pastries
  • fish and meat
  • cooking oil
  • diseased plants
  • dairy products
  • glossy or coated Paper
  • Used personal products such as diapers and tampons

For a list of 147 items you can compost click here.  For a larger list on things not to compost go to click here.

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