Essential Nutrients for Growing Vegetables

SoilSoil needs to be full of nutrients in order for vegetables to grow.  The main nutrients for plants include phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen.  Other nutrients that are required in lesser quantities are calcium, magnesium and sulfur.

Below is a breakdown of the main plant nutrients, how to add it to the soil, what it does for the plants and which vegetables benefit from the nutrient most.

  • Phosphorus – Add Bone Meal
    •  Helps with energy storage, new roots and seeds
    • Plants that benefit – tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers
  • Potassium – Add Wood ashes or gypsum
    • Helps strengthen roots and stems
    • Plants that benefit – carrots, onions, garlic
  • Nitrogen – Add Aged Manure or fish meal
    • Helps to give plants strong leaves and a dark green color
    • Plants that benefit – greens, lettuces, herbs

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