A Case for Home Aquaponics

They say that Aquaponics is good for the environment because you use less water.  The water goes through a filtering system.  The plants keep the water clean and the fish emulsion fertilize the plants.

So lets say you were able to put together a solar system in place to run your aquaponics system.  So you don’t have to worry about your electrical bill. Would you ever consider using an aquaponic system to provide protein and veggies for you family?

Many people believe that aquaponics is just theoretical but there are people being though these systems.

HomeAquaponicsThe image above was taken from The Filix.com website.  Take a look at this article called “How A Home Aquaponics System Can Feed Your Family Forever“.  Here is a link to the USDA website that provides more information on these types of systems.

Leave a comment below.  Is this something you would consider if you had the start up cost and a solar system in place?  Do you think it’s just theory?


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