Don’t Get Rid of That Wood Burning Stove!

WoodBurningOvenThese days, most new construction homes will not offer a wood burning oven but if you have one in your home it may save you money over the winter. In Arkansas, the cost of a cord of wood is about $75 not including delivery.  Here is a link to a company that sells firewood in Northwest Arkansas.

But how long does a cord of wood last?  The coldness of the winter is in your area, the types of wood you are burning and the size of your home can all play a big part in how long the cord of wood will last.

Consider using the heat of the stove for other things such as warming up water for tea, or using an old fashioned espresso maker.  Depending on the stove that you have you can even bake things.

What things have you cooked or warmed up using your wood burning oven?

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