Are you thinking of Goats for Dairy?

MilkIf you have never tried goats milk, maybe it time.  When considering how much space you have for live stock on your homestead, you might begin to lean towards goats for dairy.  Here is just some information I have gathered to help you decide.


  • Less space – 2 to 10 goats per acre
  • Less to feed
  • Goats milk is easier to digest
  • Less to buy – between $50 to $300
  • Easier to breed
  • They give less milk – beneficial for a small family

If you are looking to make cream and butter, goats milk is naturally homogenized so cream does not separate as easily as cows milk.  You can use goats milk to make lotions and soaps.

Nutrition: The image below was taken from Quora where they asked “What is the difference between goat milk and cow Milk?


Taste: Goats milk is thought to be stronger in flavor.  Here is a link to a blind taste test from Guidbrook Farm – Off Grid Living.


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