Raising Rabbits for Meat

RabbitHave you ever tried rabbit meat?  I know…most only think of them as just pets but they ate also a good meat source for the homestead. For an urban homestead or someone with not a lot of space, you can get away with raising rabbits as a meat source and no one noticing.


  • Don’t need much space
  • Not much to feed – can include veggies from the garden
  • Tastes close to chicken – Try Chicken and Rabbit Paella.  The only difference is that the rabbit meat is a bit dryer.
  • Don’t make much noise
  • Short gestation period – about 30 days
  • About 8 weeks to wean babies
  • Lower in calories and fats than most other meats
  • Higher meat to bone ratio than chicken

Click here to read more about the benefits of rabbit meat from Rise and Shine Rabbitry.



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