Homestead Budget – Student Loan Relief

DreamWhen considering being a full time homesteader, finances almost always come into play.  If you are still paying off student loans, there is something that many people still don’t know about.  Did you know that if you are working for a non-profit you can have your student loans forgiven after 10 years of pay-as-you-earn payment?  There are also certain professions that can fall under this scenario.  The program is called Public Service Loan Forgiveness.  Pay-As-You-Earn can save you hundreds a month.  Every year you need to resubmit your taxes and send in the PSLF Certificaiton Form signed in by your HR  department.

By the way…there is nothing saying that you can not start your own non-profit (your homestead business) and you as an employee benefit from the PSLF program. Yes, you do have to make sure that you stick with all of the rules of a non-profit but in 10 years you will be done and would have paid a lot less in the process.

For more information please click here to learn more from on the Federal Student Aid website.


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