Recipe: Spanish Omelette in the Toaster Oven


  • 1 Onion
  • 1 tables spoon of minced garlic
  • 5 slices of sliced ham (you can also add chorizo)
  • 2 medium potatoes
  • 6 eggs
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • Garlic and Onion powder

Step 1: Cut potatoes in small thin pieces.  Cut ham and onions in small pieces as well.

Step 2: Put onions and ham in a cooking pan. Add some avocado oil.  When you see that the ham and onions are starting to gain heat you can add potatoes and then garlic.  (You can add salt, garlic powder and onion powder at this time as well to give your ingredients a bit of extra flavor.)

IMG_20181020_114811836Step 3:  Break the eggs and put them in a bowl. (Usually you will add baking powder to make the eggs rise but instead I added 1/2 a cup of milk to make more volume.)  You can add a bit of salt to the egg mix as well.

Step 4: Bake at 400 degrees in the toaster oven for 35-40 minutes.  Remember to look at it periodically to see how the eggs are cooking.  You can cover the pan using aluminum foil and then take it off during the last 5 minutes (shinny side facing the omelette).

You can add cheese at the end and let it melt with the heat of the oven.  I hope you love enjoy it as much as we do.

God Bless.


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