When Moving to Start a Homestead

AnimalFenceIf you are relocating to start a homestead, here are a few things to consider.

  • Are you moving do to a survival mindset?  If so then population will be a consideration and the closeness to a bigger city.
  • If you are still going to be working, how far are you willing to drive for work?
  • If you have children and they will be going to physical school, how far are you willing to be from school? Is there school choice?
  • If homeschooling is a consideration look into the home-school requirements.
  • If online school is an option, make sure that it is available where you are going. For instance, Arkansas has school online but as of the beginning of this year Missouri did not have online schooling yet however, they are working on it.
  • How are the roads where you are planning to go?  Will you be driving down a dirt road to get to work or for the kids to go to school?  What about when it snows?
  • How much land will you need to have the amount of animals or the types of animals you would like for you homestead.
  • How far do you want to be from a hospital or supermarket?
  • Consider the type of soil you will have where you are going and the length of the growing season.  How severe will the winter be?

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