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TreesSwales are used to help water trees at the root.  It is suggested that you should grow nitrogen fixing trees.  These trees are said to bring nitrogen back into the soil through the help of bacteria from like beans do.  For a quick blog about this go to “Beans – The Nitrogen Booster!!”

Below is a list of nitrogen fixing trees

  • Black Locust
  • Alder
  • Autumn Olive

Arkansas is in zones 6-8 so Eastern Redbud and the Kentucky Coffee Tree would be good choices for the Ozarks.  For more information go to “Introducing Nitrogen Fixing Trees: Solution to curing N2 deficiency” article from  Permaculture News.Org

2 thoughts on “Nitrogen Fixing Trees – Permaculture

  1. Greetings. As I understand it, neither Redbuds nor the Kentucky Coffee Tree fix nitrogen in the soil, despite being leguminous. The others you listed are excellent nitrogen Fixers, and nutrient accumulators as well.

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