While Still Homestead Dreaming…

FarmWhile still homestead dreaming, remember that you are not the only one.  There are other out there just like you.  There are others that were where you are and through persistence made it a reality. Don’t loose hope, for the seed that was planted inside of you is there for a reason.  If you have faith in God, remember that he is guiding and that he is control…lean on him.  Be proactive, don’t let thoughts that make your homestead dream feel like a giant over take your mind…learn.  Take the time now…while you wait…while you plan…to learn.  Learn everything you can.  Take notes…write emails to yourself with links…start a blog for later reference. Learn from others.  Look on YouTube and subscribe to channels that will help guide you on your way.  Go to blogs…ask questions.  Stay focused and make decisions that will get you closer to your dream.  Practice now, for nothing beats any bit of personal experience.  Order heirloom seeds, and sow a seed, even if it’s just on your windowsill. Find the joy in these things that will remind you of your dream.  Study where you plan to go.  Visit if you can.  Create a plan on how you will get there.  Plan it out while keeping your goal in mind.  If you are a believer in God…then continue to pray.  And never…ever…looks hope.

I hope these words of encouragement helps someone out there. God Bless.

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