27 Ways to Make Money on The Homestead

MoneyMattersThis is just a quick list on some of the ways that you can make money from your homestead.

  1. Sell at the farmers market – research first…what are they in need of?
    1. Eggs
    2. Salad greens
    3. Cut flowers
    4. Herbs
    5. Home made spices from dehydrated herbs
    6. Processed meat
    7. Desserts
    8. Shakes
    9. All Produce
    10. Rabbit Manure as fertilizer
    11. Homemade jams and jelly
    12. Strawberry root starts
    13. Homemade crafts
    14. Egg Laying chickens
    15. Rabbits as pets
    16. Prepared foods
    17. Have your CSA customers meet you are the farmer’s market
  2. Start a CSA
    1. You can have a delivery service or have them go to you and sell produce, eggs, processed meats and prepared food.
  3. Making Money for the homestead online
    1. Write about it…no two people are exactly alike…what is your experience….what is your twist on things?
    2. Youtube videos
    3. Create a product and sell it online
    4. Promote the sale of your livestock online
  4. In person
    1. You can do seminars
    2. Teach a class
    3. You can sell to stores
    4. Sell livestock by having them go to you or you can go to them.  You can sell Rabbits, Goats, Cows, Pigs, or Egg Laying Chickens.
    5. Start a U-Pick (Tomatoes and Strawberries are popular).  You can also sell, produce and prepared foods at the U-Pick.

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