Urban Homesteading – Livestock

UrbanHomesteadIf you are in an urban setting, you can still have some livestock to help you gain some experience on homesteading and sustainable living.  Most people recommend rabbit and quail as the perfect urban homestead livestock.

Here are just a few points to consider:

  • Both are good meat sources but quail has less meat than rabbit.
  • Rabbits are quieter
  • Quails will also be a source of eggs
  • Most quails are not broody so you will need an incubator
  • You can breed a lot more quail in a shorter amount of time
  • Both do not require much space
  • Rabbit manure is a great fertilizer

Below is a video that talks more in detail on this.  It’s called “Rabbit vs Quail” from Slightly Rednecked on YouTube.


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