What About Raising Quail?

QuailQuails are beautiful birds that are kept in the homestead for meat and eggs.  While it is smaller than a chicken there are still several reasons why one would want to try raising quail on the homestead.

  • Eggs – While their eggs are smaller, they are great egg layers.  They start laying eggs at about 2 months of age.  You can substitute 1 chicken egg for 3 quail eggs in a recipe.  Also, when chicken usually stop laying eggs over the winter months, quails may still be laying eggs.  They lay about 1 egg a day.
  • Hatching Eggs – Quail egg hatch at around 18 days.
  • Space – Quail need less space to keep them
  • Less to Feed them
  • Source of Income – You can sell the eggs.  Research prices in your area to sell at farmers markets.
  • Cost less to purchase – The initial cost of purchasing a quail is less than buying a chicken.  you can buy them at about $5 each.

They say that quail is perfect for an urban setting.  People that have them absolutely love them!! Here is a video called “6 Reasons to Keep Quail” by Brimwood Farm.

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