Which Soil to Use on Your Garden

Soil3Going to a gardening store can be quit confusing when you see so many different types of soil.  Here we will go over some basic information so that you know which soil will best fit your needs.


Topsoil is top layer of soil scraped from the ground. It will have weed seeds mixed in. For raised gardens, mix topsoil with compost and peat moss. It can be used for containers but it is heavier than potting soil.

Potting Soil

Potting soils are mixtures that are quick-draining and are used for container gardening. They usually contain compost, peat moss and perlite.

Seed Starting Soil

This soil is lightweight, quick-draining, and is used to start seeds. It contains additional perlite or vermiculite, so that it is easier for roots to extend and may contain a starter fertilizer.

All-Purpose Potting Soil

This is used for one season of growing flowers or vegetables in raised beds or containers. A  slow-release fertilizer can be added to help produce a good harvest.

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