Homeschooling and Homesteading

HomeschoolIt seems to be becoming more and more popular, the option of homeschooling.  But can it be done with all of the responsibilities on the homestead.  Many people manage to balance the two.  For instance if you have older children around middle school age then they can start to do certain school activities on their own.  Also, being in an environment where homesteading is taking place, you are also teaching your child how to grow their own food and how to raise animals.  They learn several aspects of becoming self-sufficient, the economic aspect of homesteading and so much more.  If the social aspect is a concern, keep in mind that there are homeschool co-ops that families can take part of once a week.  Check your local area for these.  The homeschool families get together, usually at a church and teach classes for children in most grades.  Some are enrichment classes such as art or dance but others have to do with math or science.

You are able to choose your own curriculum when homeschooling.  One Christian homeschool curriculum is  A-Beka Book.  This curriculum is actually being taught in many Florida Christian schools.  Please check the laws on homeschooling around your area for more information.  If you are not comfortable choosing a curriculum you can also look into public school online.  Liberty University has an online Christian K-12 program.

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