What is Back to Eden Gardening?

BackToEdenBack to Eden is a method of gardening where you do not till the same soil over and over again.  You just build on what you have using news paper, compost, and wood chips. The only water you need is rain water!!

This sounds hard to believe but many people are trying it and finding success, even a family from Texas.  Here is an article written by A Modern Homestead.com called “Beginner’s Guide to Back to Eden“.

Here are the layers you will need for your soil:

  • Newspapers – Cover the soil with 3 sheets of newspaper all over your garden space letting no soil to be exposed.  This helps with weeds.
  • Compost – Use 3 – 4 inches of compost
  • Wood Chips – Use about 6 inches

There is a spiritual aspect connected to the method of gardening as the name suggests.  This link called “How to Grow a Back to Eden Garden” gives you the spiritual aspect of this method as well.  If you are a visual person, here is a like to the file called “How to Grow a Vegetable Garden – Back to Eden Organic Gardening Film” by Dana & Sara Films on Youtube.


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