Put Your Pigs and Chickens to Work!!

PigsChickensMany times we just think of chickens and pigs as meat and egg sources, however many homesteaders put their farm animals to work.  One undesired trait of pigs is that they tear up the ground but not all types of pigs do this. For those who would like help with preparing the soil before gardening season, then a pig that tears up the ground would be of great help.  So the question is, are you going to have an in-ground garden in the spring or raised beds and containers?

In the video below, called “How 2 Pigs and 30 Chickens prepped my Garden” from Justin Rhodes we will see how 2 pigs (American Guinea Hogs) help to till a 1,200 sqft space in just 2 weeks.  They have 8 sections with the same amount of space and will be moving the pigs every 2 weeks until March.  They use a mobile chicken coop and pig shelter and use a fence to keep them within that space.


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