Livestock Shelters, Sheds and Barns

BarnsOne a homestead you should have some sort of shelter for your livestock.  Some might be temporary and others are long term.  Many argue that you need to have a barn or shed before that livestock enters your property.  However, many go with a temporary shelter due to time constraints.

First lets consider your gardening method.  Are you going to have your chickens and pigs work the land ahead of you?  If so, then you would need a mobile coop and mobile shelter for the pigs.  You will also need some sort of fencing to keep them in.  Premier 1 seems to be a popular choice among homesteaders.  One things that might deter you from this method is that it will require some time to move the livestock and fences.  Will you have that time?  Do the benefits out weigh the time?

For more permanent housing you may want to look into barns and shed plans.  Here is a link to a site called Barn Geek where you will find different types of barns and sheds.

Here is a video from VW Family Farm called “Permaculture with Our premeir one Poultry Netting and The Mobile Chickens“.

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