What are Cover Crops?

CoverCropsCover Crops are used to prevent soil erosion, improve soil structure, organic matter, suppress weeds and pests.  They can also be used as forage for livestock.  Cover crops cover the soil so that it is protected over the winter.

There are 4 types of cover crops:

  • Grasses (Rye, Wheat, Barely, Oats) – Adds organic matter
  • Legumes (Alfalfa, Clover, Peas) – Nitrogen fixer
  • Brasicas (Radish, Turnips, Mustard) – Good for pest control
  • Non-Legumes Broadleaves (Spinach, flax)

For more information click on this link to read an article called “Types of Cover Crops” and “Cover Crops: Type Makes a Difference“.

Here is a video from MIGardener that will help explain cover crops a bit further.

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