Homestead Search – Strategic Relocation

StrategicRelocationIt all started with a little nudge to move, a desire for a slower paced life, more time as a family and eating food the way that God intended (hormone and antibiotic free).  Then we came across a resource that really helped us to narrow down our search.  The book is called “Strategic Relocation” by Joel Skousen. While many preppers already know this book, I’m not sure if people who are looking to homestead have come across it.  There is great information shared in this book on homeschooling laws, population density, crime, building codes, growing season, gun laws and much more for each state.


This is someone with a military background sharing his research and his thought process to help others choose the right place for them to move.  Missouri and Arkansas are given 3 stars.  Idaho and Utah are rated 5 stars. From his perspective, the ratings come from more of a survival mindset.  He also gives you specific areas that are more desirable.  They are usually mountainous areas such as the Ozarks, upper Idaho or Appalachian mountains.

Below is a video from Wranglerstar gives an overview of the book.  Hope this book helps you in your search.

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