GMO Seeds – A Case for Homesteading

GMOsGMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seem to be everywhere these days and increasing. They are hidden in foods you wouldn’t have even thought of. GMO seeds are not available for purchase at your typical home goods stores. They are available only for commercial farmers at this time.

For those of us who are really concerned about GMOs and want to take a stand against this, it is suggested that we change our buying habits at the supermarket. Monsanto offers GMO seeds to commercial farmers which includes corn, wheat, canola, soybean, cotton, and other vegetable seeds as well as crop protection solutions.

For a list of products that contain Monsanto ingredients read, “69 Products Filled with Monsanto-Owned Ingredients That You Should Know About“. The article gives you a list of products to avoid.  It also list diseases that have been connected a product called Roundup (an herbicide) that is being sprayed on the Monsanto crops. These include Diabetes, ADHD, Cancer, Autism, Depression, Chronic Kidney Disease and more. So let’s take a stand, educate ourselves, and start growing our own food.

For more on GMO seeds and gardening information watch this video from mhpgardener on YouTube.


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