Becoming a Grower for Baker Creek

Seeds2Now that you know how to save your seeds, is it possible to make money by producing seeds for a seed company?  You would think not but Yes!!, you can! One company that has others growing for them is Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company.  They do not actively recruit for this but they do not turn people down.

In the video below you will see an interview with the person who oversees the seed production for Baker Creek.  They have about 200 growers however, they do not use all of them.  These growers are anywhere from backyard gardeners to seasoned farmers.

Some Criteria:

  • The seeds can not be chemically treated.
  • The seeds have to be ready to pack meaning no dirt on them.
  • Has to meet federal standards for germination. They do germination testing.
  • They test for GMO.
  • Isolation distances from certain crops are also required.  They are vary according to the type of crop.

To see the full interview, please click on the video below below from Living Traditions Homestead.


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