Before You Buy a Family Cow – Costs

CowCosts.JPGBuying a family cow is big decision and responsibility.  If you are still leaning towards buying a family cow instead of getting involved in a cow or herd share then here is a list of financial considerations:

  • How much land do you have?  Please keep in milk that the size of the cow makes a difference on how much land you will need.
  • If you do not have a lot of land, you will need to buy hay and feed.
  • Cost of minerals.
  • Vet costs.
  • Water and heating costs.
  • Trailer for the transporting the cow.
  • What type of structure will you have to house the cow?
  • Will you have a milking stand?
  • Do you have the proper fencing?
  • Will you have an electrical fence?
  • Research the milking equipment that you will need.
  • The cost of a milk refrigerator and containers for storing the milk.

For more details on the costs involved in owning a family, click on the video below.  please keep in mind that the homesteader below has a regular sized cow.


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