Cow Share – Making Money on the Homestead

CowShareIf your cow is producing way too much milk for your family, you can sell the raw milk, however in some states this might be illegal.  One way that small farms are getting around this is something called a Cow Share or Herd Share.  It is done through a contract and basically the consumer is purchasing a share of the cow’s milk, it also includes boarding for the cow.

The following text is from Wiki on Herd Shares.  “For example, if the farmer has one cow valued at $800, the shareholder may purchase a 1/25 undivided interest in the herd (or here, a single cow) for $32.00. The parties would execute a bill of sale transferring a 1/25 ownership stake in the cow from the farmer to the shareholder in exchange for $32.00. If the cow produces 30 gallons of milk per week, the shareholder may choose to receive up to 1 and a 1/5 gallons of milk per week (30 gallons of milk divided by 25 possible shares).”

To read a Tri-Fold provided by Real on how Cow Share programs work and how it is helping farmers in Colorado, Indiana, and several other states, click on the image below.



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