Sprouted Flour Packed with Nutrition

FlourI wrote an article a few days ago on a 4 ingredient flat bread.  This included “sprouted wheat flour”.  This was the first time I had heard of it and it turns out that sprouted grain packs a nutritional punch.  Then I wrote about growing fodder over the winter for your chickens and the benefits of microgreens.  All leading to the same conclusion.  The sprouted form of grains and vegetables have a higher concentration of nutrients.

Studies have shown that sprouting grains increases the amount of vitamin C and carotene content, vitamin B, and minerals.  It also makes it easier to digest.  Sprouted flour will also have an increase in flavor.  The non-sprouted version that is easily found at the super market lacks flavor and is very processed.  Some of the grains you can sprout for flour include wheat, amaranth, kamut, einkorn, sorghum, rye, and corn.

An article from Nourished Kitchen.com called “How to Sprout Grains (and make sprouted flour)” talks about having to process the grains which includes soaking and sprouting, in order to absorb all of the nutrients that grains offer.  You can find the grain berries at health food stores or online.  When I went to my local supermarket I could not find any sprouted wheat flour.  For more information on making your own sprouted flour click on the article above from Nourished Kitchen.


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