Homestead vs Farm

FarmVsHomesteadWhile the term Homestead is becoming more familiar, there are still many people that don’t know what it is.  Isn’t it just a farm?  What’s the difference?

A homestead mainly focuses on working the land and having animals to feeding the family.  It may or may not produce enough to sell or turn into a source of income.  A farm focuses more on producing products to sell to the public.  It may also feed the owner’s family but it’s main focus is business.  You may have also heard of the term “Farmstead”.  According to Wikipedia, this is in reference to “the land and buildings of a farm“.

While some homesteaders may never choose to start a business from their homesteads and strictly focus on feeding their family, becoming self sufficient, and storing food; others may need to have an income and desire for their homestead to also be an income source.  At the very least many homesteaders would like what they produce to pay for itself.  This is where farmers markets come in, or finding a niche market such as growing microgreens for restaurants.  This gives families the opportunity to work together forming a closer bond.  It may also enable families to home-school while they homestead.  In the process of learning how to grow their own food and taking care of the animals that will eventually feed their family many people find joy, peace, and become even more thankful to God for what he has created.

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