A Winter Treat for Chickens

ChickenTreatChicken work hard during the winter to stay warm.  This treat will help keep them and also give them a nutrition boost.


  • Meat fat – You can use Beef or Goat meat fat that you might have stored.
  • Chicken scratch – Something containing corn would be ideal since it will help to raise their body heat.

Step 1: If the fate has been frozen, put the jars in a pot to let the fat melt.  Put the scratch into a large bowl.  After the fat has liquefied, pore it into the bowl and mix.

Step 2: Find a long baking pan or you can also use mini-muffin pans.  If you are using baking pans, pore out the mix into pan and press it flat on the pan.  Let it sit until it hardens.

Step 3: After it hardens you can cut them into squares.  If you used a mini-muffin pan then they will be ready to give to your chickens.

In the video below from Living Traditions Homestead, you will see that she puts the pan into the refrigerator to make the process go faster.  For the full process and to see how the chickens love this treat, click on the video below.

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