Taking The Advice of Seasoned Homesteaders

AdviceAs I read and watch videos from homesteaders, one of the things that I have heard several times is, “Do what you can where you are”.  So like a good apprentice, I started to think of what I can do while I wait, learn, and plan.  From a city dweller’s point of view, there is just so much to learn that you can actually get overwhelmed.  But one thing I can do now is plant a garden.  I am currently in Zone 10 so it still gets warm here.  So during this winter break, I have decided to work on two projects.  Planting a garden and making my own pizza dough from scratch!!  This is in efforts to stop paying $18 for New York style pizza.

While going through the Baker Creek catalog, I had to keep reminding myself of the golden rule, “grow what you eat”.  Below is an image of what we will be growing in a little area my husband prepared for us.  While at Home Depot, the kids also got to pick one thing each that they would like to grow as well.  Wish us luck!!

As I embark on this journey, I can’t help but to think about God’s amazing design of making the land that produces fruit and within that fruit or from the plant itself to produce even more seeds to keep life going on Earth.  It’s just amazing. Praise God!!


4 thoughts on “Taking The Advice of Seasoned Homesteaders

  1. That is some great advice! My biggest mistake that I also repeat every year is to start too many things at once! So many things fail over here, or I don’t learn enough from them. If you can narrow your focus down to a few things now, you’ll have mastered something I haven’t yet…
    Good luck with the Viroflay spinach! I’ve found these to be very trustworthy early spring vegetables, but they start to bolt quickly when the weather gets warmer! Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas! Those are great goals, and such a nice variety of seeds! I grew the Tresca strawberries last year for the first time, and I will warn you that they took FOREVER to germinate, but then they grew great! Don’t give up hope, even if it takes them a month to sprout!

    1. Thank you for the good advice…I’m also wondering about the weather here in general since most of my research has been with cooler climates but I guess we’ll see. Merry Christmas!! 🙂

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