Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Livestock

AppleCiderI recently ran across a video of a homesteader that put a small amount of apple cider vinegar in the water of his livestock, so naturally I wanted to research more.  Here are some of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar:

  • High in Acetic Acid
  • Used to prevent E.Coli from growing
  • Used to treat nail fungus, lice, warts and ear infections.
  • Lowers Blood Sugar Levels
  • Helps to lower weight by increasing the feeling of being full
  • Lowers Cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Some studies have show that several types of vinegar can kill cancer cells and reduce tumors.
  • Rich in Potassium.

Apple cider vinegar can be used for while cooking and in salad dressings.  A teaspoon can also be diluted in a large glass of water.

So the question is, can you use it on your livestock? Yes, by adding it to their water.  It is believed to improve digestion, boost the immune system, natural anti-biotic, germ killer, and it is full of vitamins.  You can uses 1 to 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. It can also be used as a flea repellent for dogs by diluting with water and putting it in a spray bottle.

To learn more details about the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, click here for an article from

To watch the video on “3 Natural Dewormers & Immune Boosters” click on the video below from Cog Hill Farm.


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