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Planning1As many of us learn about homesteading, we might feel discouraged seeing that so many homesteaders have a lot more space to grow and raise food.  However, I have seen quite a few videos and articles saying that you can actually raise a lot of food in small places.  I have even seen it mentioned that a family of four could be self sufficient on just a 1/4 acre.  This of course include planning your garden area such as growing your food vertically.  For those who might have a bit more space, there is still planning involved that will make your homesteading experience easier.

Here are some tips that you should consider when planning your homestead.

  • Keep things that you are going to go to every day close to your house such as the chicken coop, animals that you will be milking or pregnant.
  • You can have your garden close to the chicken coop so that any extra crops that you wouldn’t eat can easily be tossed over to the chickens.
  • Animals that smell more  such as pigs can be a little bit farther to help with the smell.
  • Plant your fruit trees relatively close to your house because as you get older carrying a large amount of fruits might get harder.
  • When planning any new structures or areas on your homestead you can start by using google maps, print out or move the image over to another application that can help you draw out your future projects.

In the video below from Living Traditions Homestead, you will see how this couple has planned out their homestead.  They also include information on a book called “Have More Plan” that they are finding to be very helpful as they continue to plan for the future.

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  1. You make an excellent point regarding aging. It’s something we tend to think far too little about when we’re young–like climbing stairs, not having a bedroom downstairs, climbing a slope to get to the garden. And on and on. We’re finally getting to that stage now and realizing how much more efficient and beneficial it would have been to take such things into account when we were young and a little too arrogant–or maybe just ignorant.

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