A Family Sows A Garden

SowSeedsThis winter break has been a true blessing for this working mom.  Some how our team at work was bless with being able to work remotely for a week, giving this mom and wife the gift of time with her family.  The gift of taking care of household duties without rushing because of having to wake up before the sun comes out to get to the office.  It is a gift see my children waking up in the morning and give them their milk. I wish it could always be this way.  That is part of this mom’s homestead dream.  Not rushing through being a home maker or the bedtime routine but enjoying a time that will never come again.

The children gathered as they saw us with our seed packets, garden tags, and seed starting tray.  Sitting along side us, with excitement in their eyes, they stretched out their hands asking to join in the fun.  Each one of us took turns sowing seeds.  With every new packet their were seeds of different shapes, colors, and sizes.  They learned names of every vegetable we were planting.  The children then gently covered the seeds and then we added water to the soil.  I was blessed during this time to talk about God and how he provided all of these seeds; to teach the children of his wonderful design to provide food for all living things.  I pray that this will be a family tradition which will spark a love for gardening and homesteading to be passed down from generation to generation.


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