Preparedness – Making a 72 Day Candle

ACandleThere might come a day when we will need to find alternative ways of lighting our homes either due to a storm or any other reason.  Many of us have candles but in general they do not last very long.  If you have not invested in oil lamps, this might be something for you to consider as back up lighting.  The video below shows you how to make a 72 day candle using a Crisco oil can.  It lasts 72 days if you light it 8 hours a day only.


This is what you will need:

  • 6 Pound can of Crico oil
  • 2 Taper Candles that is longer than the height of the oil can

You can cut off the top of the taper candle or you can just start burning it from the top and let it burn down.  The submerge the candle into the container.  A 3 Pound container will last 36 days and 4 pounds will last 48 days at 8 hours a day.  The 72 day candle costs less than 12 dollars to make.  For an emergency situation this might be something to consider.

To see the candle being made step by step, click on the video below from Full House Homesteaders w/Homestead Mama.

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