We Have Germination!!

GerminationOn Friday, December 28th we had a fun family experience sowing seeds.  We couldn’t believe our eyes Monday morning when we saw little green leaves coming out of the soil!!  This image was taken on Monday morning but yesterday I saw even more.  Lettuce were the first seeds that started to come up but yesterday we saw our cucumber was developing as well.

Originally we were going to direct sow but as we sat outside looking at the instructions from the seeds packets, we noticed that the area we had prepared would not get as much sun as some plants needed.  The next day we went to a gardening center near by.  There we bought a few gardening essentials such as gloves, labels and a seed starting tray.

One thing I have learned so far is that you definitely need to plan.  Look at how the light come into your garden area and choose the crops that will work best for your situation.  In our case we will have to do some container gardening but there are some plants that will do will do well even with little light.  These crops include lettuce, Spinach, and Carrots.  We also set out some potatoes as an experiment.  We are truly enjoying getting outside and watering daily.

To read more about vegetables that grow in the shade, click on this articles called “44 Nutritions Vegetables That Will Grow In Shaded Areas in Your Garden” by Morning Chores.


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