Starting a Tea Garden

teaIf you like tea and are thinking of starting an tea herb garden, here are some herbs to consider.

  • Lemon Verbena – Said to improve digestion, joint pain and fever reducer
  • Mint – Is used for digestive disorders, abdominal pain and stomach cramps
  • Thyme – Said to calm stomach problems and sore throat.
  • Chamomile – Used to help you calm down and go to sleep.
  • Stevia  – The leaves are sweet and can be used to make tea. It can be used in place of sugar and said to be good for diabetics.
  • Lemon Grass – Can be used in teas but also repels flies from garden.
  • Rose Hips – It makes a fruity floral tea and can have mild diuretic and laxative properties.  It is rich in vitamin C, making a great winter tea.  You can find Rose Hips while foraging in the Ozarks.

Herbs can be used fresh or dried.  Collect and dry herbs before your first frost to store for making tea in the winter. As always, please do your research before trying herbs.  For a longer list of tea herbs, read “19 Best Tea Herbs to Make a Tea Herb Garden” from  For more tips on growing and harvesting herbs go to “Best Herbs to Grow for Tea” from


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    1. Most of these are perennial so they will grow back but be sure to look at the cold hardiness for the tea herbs you will be growing. What a great gift for your daughter. Maybe it can be a project that both of you can do together. 🙂

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