A Frankenstein Tomato

While I am waiting for my own tomatoes to grow, I still have to buy them from the super market.  The strangest thing happened when I cut this one in half.  It had no pulp!!  I had just cut it in half….Who scooped out the pulp?…Needless to say …I was so shocked by this that I did not give it to my kids.  The next tomato that I cut had pulp in it like always.  Has anyone ever seen this before?  Was this a GMO tomato?


6 thoughts on “A Frankenstein Tomato

  1. Perhaps it was a stuffing tomato. They often have little, if any pulp and very few seeds if I’m remembering correctly. Haven’t grown them in years though.

  2. Well like I have said before..You can’t always trust the food in the store. It is the ones that seem be be sprouting from inside that give me the creeps. Good for you to be growing for your self.

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