Saving Hundreds on Electricity

saveThere are so many ways that we can save money on our electric bill.  Here are a few tips.

  1. Don’t put your refrigerator so cold.
  2. Keep your washing machine set to cold water and only do full loads.
  3. Hang dry your clothes
  4. Use day light when possible.
  5. Use a toaster oven when possible instead of your kitchen oven.
  6. Change all bulbs to LED.
  7. Use rechargeable batteries when you can.

For more extreme measures, we can take a look at what is most commonly used by Off-Grid homesteaders.

  1. Use a solar oven
  2. Use a non-electric washing machine
  3. Depending on where you are, you may find free wood on Craigslist.  You can use this for outdoor cooking.
  4. Although usually used for camping, try solar light bulbs at night.  Charge them during the day to use in the evening.

These only give you 2 hours at night after being charged but you can hang them anywhere easily.


These will last 9 to 20 hours after full charged.


5. If you are not able to go completely solar, you might want to consider a smaller solar generator to help you power things at home.  Yes, this is more extreme but at least you have a power back up in case anything ever were to happen.


In the video below you will see something called a Kodiak Solar Generator but it is currently out of stock.  For more ideas and to see how you can use these solar lights, watch the video below by Prepper Princess.

7 thoughts on “Saving Hundreds on Electricity

    1. I hear that battery backups are still expensive. Some companies suggest to start with panels and connect to the grid, then install the batteries when the prices go down.

  1. I love my solar powered clothes dryer. LOL It’s trendy now but I have used a clothes line for years. We do plan to be off grid, eventually, and many of our choices now are just preparations for when that becomes a reality.

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