Our Classical Charter School Experience

charterWhere I currently live, charter schools are the highest performing schools.  I entered my children’s names in all of the Charter schools in our area last year, thinking that it would be better than a regular public school.  They were both accepted to school that was opening up a Pre-K program so this was great in terms of our commute.

However, we didn’t know the details of their kindergarten program.  We are a Christian family and within the first month my 5 year old was talking about Egyptians, Osiris and organs being taken out.  The school calls this “History”, but having the children learn the names and characteristics of the Egyptian Gods as well as the detailed process of mummification doesn’t quite feel right.  Going into details on how the organs were removed, seems too much for a 5 year old.   When we had our first parent teacher conference at the kindergarten classroom we saw images of Gods from all over the world and they called it history.  This is a “Classical” Charter school.  I realize that there might be a time where my children will learn these things but at 5 it seems like if is too much.  I won’t make this long winded but if you can, please do all of the research that you can.  Just because a school has a good grade, does not mean that they are teaching kids what is appropriate for their age.  Below is the history book that they are using. The Barnes and Noble website says its for children ages 7-11.  We are looking into homeschooling or putting them in a regular public school for 2019.


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  1. Beware! I do recomend homeschooling if possible. I did ,way back when, and even though we could have done better all of my sons are successful. It wasn’t the thing to do back then but we weren’t able to afford private school and around here that raelly is the only option. It is hard work but rewarding in so may ways. The problem is it will be harder as the “world” is aganist this .

  2. This is why we homeschool. Schools seem very much like fact-memorization to be gentle and brainwashing to be harsh and never application. Kids are told what to think and never why or to think for themselves. This is dangerous. We are mandated as parents to raise up responsible adults who worship and serve the Lord intelligently and not to be puppets to manipulate. Just my opinion, but good call. God bless your day!😄❤

  3. This text is used often in a classical education for the early years. You could use the same text in your homeschool, but take the focus off of all the different gods and goddesses and bring it back to God.

      1. Generally speaking, you can tailor your homeschool to whatever you want it to be. At least here in WI you can. I’m not sure what the laws are where you are. In our homeschool, I used materials that generally pointed us back to the Bible and God. But with other materials we used, we used it as discussion points. WHY are there all those gods and goddesses, for example.

      2. Got it…We found ourselves having to explain that to our 5 year old and I think we handled it pretty well. Thank you for the information. 🙂

  4. Some kids survive and even thrive in public schools. I have 13 grandchildren and two greatgrands. Many have gone on to college and do well. Alternatively sometimes there is that smart, questioning, creative square-peg kid who doesn’t fit in the round holes. I am thankful for home school.

  5. We had a situation similar to this with our youngest daughter and homeschool for us was a way better choice for followers of Christ we had a lot of conflict with what the school system was introducing to our children and decided to go it on our own if you go through a school backed homeschool so the test can be registered make sure that the guidance counselor is in understanding that the curriculum is to be on your terms and if not there are great places to get homeschool help

    And there are many more links and connections you can also find help through your county school department of education for homeschooling and online schooling

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