Preserving Fresh Eggs Over The Winter

eggpreservationIn the winter time, chickens naturally slow down their egg production.  If you have a lot of left over eggs and would like to preserve them for baking and cooking during the winter, then this is a good way to preserve them.  This method is called Water Glassing.  You will need Hydrated lime or Pickling lime.  You can buy 50 LBs of it online for less than 40 dollars.  Also, look for it at your local hardware store.  The homesteader in the video below mentions that you may be able to find it there for 10 dollars there.  Here is the link to the product listed on the Home Depot website but it does not have a price and you can only buy it at the store.

When you use the hydrated lime, you do not need any cold storage for the eggs and can store the eggs for about 8 months.  You should not do this process with store bought eggs because the pores are exposed so the lime will go into the eggs. You will use 1 quart of clean water to 1 ounce of hydrated lime and then mix.

For more detail instructions, click on the video below from Homesteading Family. For more information on Water Glass preservation, click here.

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