Canning Raw Meat

canningmeatIt is good to have meat stored in different ways other than just the freezer.  Another way of storing meat is through pressure canning.  If there is a power outage and you are not on solar this a great way to keep your meat from rotting.  It may also give you a sense of comfort knowing that you are not relying on the electrical grid.  This is also a way that you can make a quick meal for your family without having to wait for the meat to defrost.

Here are a few things to know:

  • Make sure that your jars are washed well.
  • Put the suggested amount of water in the pressure canner.
  • Have a clean rag to wipe the tops of the jars
  • Make sure you have your canning funnel, rings and lids all ready.
  • Wide mouth are easiest for canning meat
  • You don’t have to use salt to can meat.

For full recipes, including the correct amount of time and pressure needed, you should purchase a canning book.  One book that is often recommended is the USDA Canning Guide.  For more tips of how to can raw meat, here is a video from Homesteading Family.

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