Preserving Culinary Herbs With Salt

preservingherbsHere are two methods of preserving culinary herbs using salt.  For basil this way of preservation keeps the flavor better than dehydrating them. Pick the basil when it is fresh and bright green.


  • Fresh herb such as basil
  • Kosher Salt or salt with no additives (you can use Himalayan sea salt)

Method 1: You need a clean and dry jar.  Put a layer of salt at the bottom.  Add a couple of leaves of basil and add salt with each layer of basil.

Method 2: Pick the leaves from the stem and chop them. This method uses 4 part herb to 1 part salt so if you have 1 cup of basil then you would use 1/4 cup of salt. Using your food processor on pulse, you will make a type of “basil salt”.  Put the salt in a jar with a lid.  It will store in the refrigerator for about 6 months.  You can use it as a seasoning on breads or other foods.

To learn more click on the video from Homesteading Family.  For a free guide that includes 3 methods of preserving culinary herbs click here.

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  1. Oooh, that’s interesting! Whenever I buy fresh coriander in a pot it always dies the next day, and I never manage to use it all… I’m going to try this method next time to preserve the part I won’t use up the first day, we’ll see how it goes!

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