Tomato Garden Planning And Expansion

tomatogardenIt may take a few seasons to figure out how many tomato plants it will take to produce all of the tomato products your family will need for an entire year.  For Living Traditions Homestead, they have reached that point.  They grow 70 tomato plants to feed their family of four which is about two 50 foot rows of only tomatoes.  This year they will be adding one more row which will be another 35 tomato plants.  This they will use for the farmer’s market and to try new varieties.

This is a list of the tomatoes that they will be growing this year.  This includes tomatoes that they have experience with and some new varieties suggested by viewers or fellow homesteaders in the area.

  • Baker Creek: Rutgers (new for them – all purpose tomato), Amish Paste (new for them), Paul Robeson (new for them), Cherokee Purple (new for them), Yellow Pear (Cherry – ready to harvest in 80 days) , Brads Atomic Grape Tomato
  • Totally Tomato: Chocolate Cherry, Sweet Million (cherry – ready to harvest in 57 days) , Sungold (cherry – ready to harvest in 57 days) , La Roma 3 Hybrid (Paste Tomato) , Opalka (Paste Tomato) , Jet Setter (slicing), Jet Star (slicing) , American Original Red Beefsteak (new for them)

What tomatoes will you be growing this year?  Leave a comment below.

Watch the video below to learn more about why they chose these tomato varieties.

9 thoughts on “Tomato Garden Planning And Expansion

  1. I ordered my Dad some heirloom seeds from Digger’s Club one year that he said were the best tomato. They were called “Tommy Toe” (silly name). Homegrown tomatoes cannot be beaten!

    I like growing cherry tomatoes best because Miss 4 and Mr 5 love them and anything that gets my kids eating fruit and veg is a winner for me.

    What is your favourite?

    1. I agree…love it when my kids eat fruit and veggies. My kids eat tomatoes with every meal so I’m lucky in that sense. This year is our first year planting tomatoes. We are growing A Grappoli D’Inverno, German Pink, and Black Vernissage from Baker Creek.

  2. I love Baker’s Creek! I bought some Cherokee Purple seeds and planted them. The first year was horrible with worms. The second year, a bunch of volunteers sprouted up from last year’s seed and there wasn’t a single worm. I must have harvested over a bushel of them. They’re my favorite so far.

      1. Yes, they are Burpee, and I would recommend them. Big Mama’s get huge and are easy to peel, Fourth of July is fast ripening, and Brandy Boy is the best tasting tomato ever. The only one of those four I haven’t grown yet is Shimmer.
        I will probably come out with a growing guide on tomatoes in April.

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