Turn Shredded Paper Into Compost

makingcompostThis is what you will need to start making compost from shredded paper:

  • Two storage containers
  • A paper shredding machine
  • A tumbler (you can use a regular bin but it will take longer for the compost to breakdown)

Step 1: Shred all your paper (do not shred any plastic such as credit cards or business envelops with plastic windows)

Step 2: Fill the compost chamber using 2/3 paper and 1/3 wet or green waste such as kitchen scraps and green garden waste. You can also add bedding and manure from chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits sheep, or cows. (Do not put meat or manure from dogs or cats)

Step 3: Turn your tumbler daily.  It should be ready between 6 weeks and 6 months (every compost situation is different including the time of the year)

For more information, tips and to see how to compost turns out watch the video below from Self Sufficient Me.

One thought on “Turn Shredded Paper Into Compost

  1. I used shredded paper to cover kitchen scraps after feeding the worms I was raising. That kept down the fruit flies and the worms ate the paper too. I all eventually ended up in the garden.

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